About Us


Here at ABURIYA, our meat specialists consistently challenge ourselves in crafting the best patty, made of 100% real pure-blood black A4 Japanese Wagyu Beef. Carefully curated to every moment after the meat enters your mouth, our patty produces a fragrant flavor of wagyu that would melt in your mouth.

A prominent Japanese culture resides in us, as we inculcate an apple flavour of delicateness into our Wagyu-bacon.

Our signature dish comprises of Foie Gras and Roasted Beef with a 0 compromise in quality of cheese. It brings you the best of both worlds in a fusion of an American styled burger, with Japanese roots - a luxurious yet affordable experience.

As a proud signature child of ABURIYA Singapore, we sincerely hope you enjoy Wagyu Bites.

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Here are Wagyu Bites, we only use 100% real pure-blood black A4 Japanese Wagyu Beef.